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About Taiwan - Taichung Sightseeing

Taichung Park
Taichung Park is designed to conserve nature, to educate citizens and to provide a leisure space. Citizens can spend the leisure hours here to expose themselves to the nature and to learn more about the ecologic system. The main purpose of the park is to provide a leisure space, purify the air, reduce air pollution, conserve water and soil, regulate temperature and reduce noise.

Zhongzheng Park
Zhongzheng Park covering an area of about 7.4 ha, attracting many people go on holidays here. The park also has a large square movement available to the public as well as a swimming pool open day and night, is a good place for leisure and entertainment.

National Museum of Natural Science
The National Museum of Natural Science is one of the most popular tourist spots and recreational sites of Taichung, as well as one of the most frequently visited museums in Taiwan. The Space IMAX Theater is one of the most popular spots for the visitors; the half three-dimensional doom tilting at 30 degree, display model of the galaxy. Also, visitors may enjoy shows at schedule time.

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
This attractive, enormous museum is home to the world's largest collection of Taiwanese art, displayed through regular exhibitions. The museum often holds various international exhibitions from all over the world such as Eastern / Western Europe and greater Asia pacific as well. The museum recently re-opened to public after a serious re-construction of the whole site, providing a variety of modern facilities such as an extensive, user-friendly reference library, restaurants and shops.

Yizhong Street
The Yizhong Street area is the most popular market among the new generations for its stocks of the latest and funkiest items on the streets. There is also a restaurant that is "Bathroom themed" in which the whole decoration of the interior and the tableware are all designed to be bathroom-like. So don't be surprised if they serve a bowl of noodles to you out of a toilet shaped bowl! There are also "Salon street", "Glasses street" and "Sports street" for various individual need. This is another Taichung must visit spot for your Taichung travel!

Taichung Maple Garden Park
The Maple Garden was open on Nov. 25, 2012. It combines various functions of ecology, landscape, drainage, and air quality improvement. The originally wasted lowland basin turned out to be a new tourist attraction in Taichung. It is famous for its natural beauty and unique architecture. Gravel and wood chip pathways, instead of the usual concrete, winding around the central pond are just some of the park's unique features. And then there's the serpentine bridge constructed of metal, glass and stone. You can enjoy your time here if you visit Maple Garden Park.Or you can enjoy your meal time in the restaurant in Maple Garden Park.

Feng Chia Night Market
Located in Taichung Xitun District next to Taichung Feng Chia University, Feng Chia Night Marketis the largest and most popularTaiwan night market of central Taiwan. It features all kinds of mouthwatering and innovative Taiwanese snacks as well as being a shopping paradise for fashionable clothing and accessories. There are more than 1,000 shops, vendors, and food stalls lining Wenhua Rd, Feng Chia Rd, Fuxing Rd, and Xian Rd for you to feast on.

National Taichung Theater
National Taichung Theater is located in Xitun District, Taochung. It is a very characteristic performance area. The theater is designed by Japanese architect Toyo Ito. Using the concept of the primitive caves and holes, Toyo Ito designed the world first and only Sound Cave Curved Wall for National Taichung Theater. There are no vertical and horizontal structures and it's the world's first curve surfaced hanging structure architect. Due to the complexity, it is known as the most difficult architect to complete.