Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is a privilege to have the opportunity to invite you to join us in the International Colorectal Surgery Forum 2018 with outstanding professionals from all over the world. Building on the success of previous ICRSFs, this year program will provide an opportunity for all participants to exchange the latest information, ideas, and practices on colorectal surgery research. Outstanding colorectal surgery experts will be sharing their expertise in insightful instructional presentations, including the Robotic, CRC, SILS, TAMIS, NOSE development in diseases Hopefully, this forum not only bring all these developments to light, but also serve as a platform for us to discuss the current status of colorectal surgery in these challenging areas.

This year, we have two special sessions: Live Demonstration and Women in Surgery session. The Live Demonstration will show you the most advanced technology of colorectal surgery. About the Women in Surgery session, we invite lots of female doctors to share their experience during their medical career. We believe this symposium is essential for continuing professional development that will benefit not only physician and scientist but also to student and trainee.

I believe that the International Colorectal Surgery Forum 2018 will be the key momentum towards continuous growth of our activities on colorectal surgery research, which need to focus on current knowledge, ideas and achievements.

We thank you for your participation!

William Tzu-Liang Chen
China Medical University Hospital
Chairman of International Colorectal Surgery Forum 2018