Welcome Message

Dear colleagues and guests,

I am pleased to welcome you to the Colorectal Surgery Forum 2023, held this year in Zubei City, Taiwan. As we gather here for two days, we will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions, share our latest research and clinical findings, and learn from each other’s experiences in the field of colorectal surgery.

This year’s forum promises to be particularly exciting as we explore the latest advances and innovations in colorectal surgery and discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead. We will have the chance to hear from world-renowned experts in the field, engage in lively debates and discussions, and participate in live surgery sessions.

I want to extend a warm welcome to our keynote speakers, presenters, and panelists, as well as to our distinguished guests from around the world. Your contributions to our forum are essential and greatly appreciated.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to our sponsors and partners for their generous support in making this event possible and to the organizers and volunteers who have worked tirelessly to ensure our forum is successful.

I look forward to an inspiring and productive forum and the opportunity to connect and collaborate with all of you over the coming days.

Thank you, and welcome to Zubei City!


William Tzu-Liang Chen, M.D
Forum Director of ICRSF 2023
Superintendent, China Medical University Hsinchu Hospital

Hung-Chang Chen, M.D
President, Taichung Colorectal Society